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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bent Ply

Ok, last thing. After reviewing all of Eric Pfeiffer's bent plywood furniture, I realized that he had written a book on the art of it, and it is also sold on the website. Check it out if you're interested... 144 pages of bent plywood fun! $45 on Offi

Scando Table

I know, I'm hooked on the Offi molded plywood for a moment. This beautiful coffee table, designed by Eric Pfeiffer is "an heirloom quality table accommodating the wants and needs of both the young and young at heart". $349 at Offi

Scoop TV Table

This is a great table. I would love to have this table, but I don't think I have any room for it at the moment. Perfect little something to put your flat screen on and a DVD player underneath. Made from molded birch plywood with a silver base. $169 on Offi

Leap Work Lounge

A new, fancy pants version that reminds me of the Eames Lounger and Ottoman. A high performance chair designed for those who like to work in a deep reclined posture. Fully upholstered with pillow and part of the Steelcase collection at Offi. Anyone who has a job that requires sitting in a relaxed position with a paycheck fat enough for a $2,982 chair - I want your job. Offi

Owling Sake Ware

Not just for sake, but for any tea that your little heart desires. A "wise trio of stoneware" with a removable metal strainer and made in Japan. $28 for the pot and $24 for the cups at Anthropologie

Happy Halloween! We're Back!

To all of our viewers: I'm glad to inform you that after a long well deserved vacation, we're back to the modern-house and modern-baby webblogs! We didn't leave you... Plenty of new stuff will be posted shortly! Check us out at Modern-House and Modern-Baby. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Top 5 Salt & Pepper Shakers

#1 - Snowman Salt & Pepper Shakers. Designed by Shun & Tomoko Azumi

#2 - Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers. $24 at Wishing Fish

#3 - Turquoise and Lime Nubby Shakers. $20 at Bright Fun Gifts

#4 - Sad Ghost Salt & Pepper Shaker. $50 at Kid Robot

#5 - Artisan Salt & Pepper Shakers from West Elm. $16 at West Elm

Glow Pendant

The Glow Pendant was created by Enrico Franzolini, whose work ranges from sinuous award-winning chairs to floor lamps to serene ceiling fixtures. The glow from this lamp casts warm, fractured light inspired by the dappled effect of sunlight sifting through leaves. $1,598 (on sale!) at Design Within Reach

Retro Sunburst Wall Mount Clock

Followed by the same idea George Nelson had, this is a modern look on the sunburst clock. Not only does this clock tell you the time, but it entertains you with a different light show every hour. It's functional and beautiful! An LED light at the end of each ray indicates the hour while the minutes are displayed in the center of the clock. Nothing entertained your wall like this will! $39.99 on Perpetual Kid

Ice Kabobs

"Because everything's more fun on a stick." Not only do these ice kabobs cool your drink, but they serve as handy swizzle sticks. Each food-grade silicone rubber tray makes three skewers. Comes in blue, orange, pink, and lime green. $7.49 on Perpetual Kid

X-Base Collection at West Elm

Check out the new X-Base collection at West Elm. Shown here is the new buffet, round back chair and tapered cylinder pendant lamps. This collection shows off their new acorn furniture finish, and of course, comes in chocolate as well. Substantial contemporart silhouettes for serious entertaining. West Elm

My Pet Lamp

Designed by the Megasii Design Group of Hong Kong, these Daschshund shaped plastic lamps omit a soft light with a low voltage replaceable bulb. Available in six colors! Found on Moco Loco


Turn your home entertainment center into a work of art with a Hannspree TV set. These LCD TVs are designed to reflect your individuality; "A showpiece that looks good from every angle, unique and original." The Hannspree collection contains fantasy TVs for your little ones, style to create works of art in the home and sports for the ultimate sports fan. All of this in a decent price as well! Check out Hannspree.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Michelle Kaufman News

Just read on Michelle Kaufman's website that she now has her own factory. She announced on site that, "mkConstructs is the first factory of its kind in the United States and key to our “prenewable” mission: a modern blending of prefabricated systems and renewable resources. mkConstructs is 100% committed to building thoughtful, sustainable designs.

The addition of mkConstructs benefits our clients by further streamlining the construction process, and providing more predictability of costs and timeframes for home construction. mkConstructs is located in the state of Washington, offering efficiencies with close proximity to many of our material sources and distribution centers. This factory will build homes for California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

In addition to mkConstructs, Michelle Kaufmann Designs will continue working with key factories where we have existing relationships to handle the increasing volume and future expanded territories".

We love Michelle's work, and are extremely excited for her big news. Congrats, Michelle!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sebastiano Pencil Holder

Available in black, green, and fuchsia, the Sebastiano Pencil Holder, designed by Massimo Giacon, would make a colorful addition to any modern office. I'm not really sure what this little guy is supposed to be, so don't ask, but it's fun nonetheless! You can pick one up at Hive Modern for just $19.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moonbeam Clock

LL Bean; not just for flannel, fleece and good moccasins anymore. I recently found a replica of the 1950's design "moonbeam" clock here, in 5 different colors - the only company who makes them in colors other than classic yellow. This is the most famous "getter-upper", with an alarm that gently flashes light 5 minutes before the bell sounds. And a snooze button too! Wake up in comfort and style, and at $36, it's a steal! LL Bean

Ball Fan

We recently recieved this fan as a gift, which will soon be a great addition to our home! If you need a ceiling fan, forget Home Depot, Modern Fan Company is the place to look for simple, modern designs. Although they cannot be purchased on their site, most models are sold at Design Within Reach.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Emission Stool

The Emissioin Stool, designed by Hideaki Matsui, is an extremely versatile piece of modern furniture. It can be used as a simple stool to sit on, or put a light inside to illuminate a dark space such as a bar or a club. The Emission Stool is also stackable, so if you buy more than one you can create a pretty cool light fixture. Check it out at Yanko Design.